BA-220 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer
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BA-220 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

  • BA-220


Efficiency speed: 200 tests/hour, less waiting time

Independent mixing probe

Reduce the reagent consumption: 300ul/test

Easy to operate: Friendly and Intellective Software

Accurate results: Avoid operative error/random error


Technical Specifications:


System Functions

Analysis Method: end-point, kinetic, two-point, double-reagent, double-wavelength, multi-standard etc, open to various reagents


Sample/Reagents Handling

Sample volume: 1-50µl, 0.5µl step 

Sample dilution: automatic/Manual pre-dilution, with dilution ratio up to 1:100

Reagent position; 26pcs (with refrigerated function, 2-8)

Reagent Volume: 180-600µl, 1µl step


Reaction System

Reaction Cuvette: 60 pcs made of special material

Optical Length of Cuvette: 6mm

Reaction Volume: 150400µl

Reaction Time: 8-12minutes

Reaction Temperature: 37±0.1


Optical System

Light Source: halogen-tungsten lamp

Wavelength: 300-800nm, 8wavelengths, precision ±2nm

Absorbance Range: 03.0Abs

Resolution: 0.001Abs

Rear spectrophotometry



Calibration: linear/nonlinear multi-points calibration

Re-test: retest the sample automatically when the result is out of the linearity range or the sample is not sufficient


Working Condition

Power Supply: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, ≤350W

Temperature: 10-35

Humidity: ≤90%, no dew


Operation System

Windows XP or Windows2000


Input and Output

Input: RS-232interface/computer

Output: multi-format printout


Sample/Reagent Position

18pcs sample position

26pcs reagent position

Reagent refrigerated function


Reaction Cuvettes

60 pcs reusable cuvettes

Automatic blank testing for cuvette

Colorimetric system in the pattern of light splitting behind cuvette

Dismountable, easily replacement


Sample/Reagent/Mixing Probe

Automatic liquid level detect

Collision protection function

Probe internal/external washing

Clot detection function

Independent mixing probe


7-Step Auto Cleaning System

Automatic 7-step washing

Hi-tech washing station to ensure accurate results

With low water consumption: 1-2L/H


Intellective software

-Automatic washing cuvette when startup & shut down

-Automatic detect reagent volume during every startup

-Show reagent plate temperature during every startup


Optimum calibration cuvette

Automatic Cuvette blank testing

Automatic wash selected cuvettes

Real-time online monitoring running status of cuvette


Dynamic and Real-time display of running status

Real-time online monitoring running status of sample tray, reagent tray cuvette

Real-time online monitoring reagents residual volume

Real-time online monitoring waste volume


Automatic dilute and re-test

Automatic dilute and re-test when absorbance range is out of range

Automatic dilute and re-test when linear limit is out of range

Automatic dilute and re-test when linear range is out of range

Two modesno dilute and auto dilute are available

Freely set the auto dilute ratio and dilute water position


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