JINLING-820 Anesthesia Machine
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JINLING-820 Anesthesia Machine

  • JINLING-820


l     Operating mode: pneumatically driven and electronically controlled; closed; semi-closed; semi-open..

l     Anesthesia ventilator: built-in 5.7 inch TFT display, able to display Pressure-Time, 

                                            Frequency-Time and both waveforms simultaneously on screen.

l     Standard integrated metallic modular respiratory circuit; completely solves the problem of gas sealing 

       under high temperature disinfection, easy to clean and disinfect.

l     Power failure support functions: automatically converts to standby mode during AC power outages.

l     Nonhazardous environmentally friendly frame, precise construction, elegant design, equipped with 

      automated self-checking function during startup and an automatic self-calibrating sensor.

l     High precision four-tube flowmeter: O2: 0.1 ~ 10 L/min, N2O: 0.1 ~ 10 L/min

l     Ventilation modes: A/C, IPPV, SIPPV, VCV, IMV, SIMV, manual

l     Tidal volume: adjustable range: 50 ~ 1500 ml, display range: 0 ~ 2000 ml

l     Ventilation frequency: 1 ~ 100 bpm

l     I:E: 8:1 ~ 1:10 (capable of inverse ratio ventilation)

l     PEEP: electronically controlled: 0 ~ 20 cmH20

l     Inspiratory trigger pressure: electronically controlled: -10 ~ 20 cmH20

l     Sigh: 80 ~ 150 times adjustable

l     SIMV frequency: 1 ~ 20 bpm

l     Inspiratory plateau: 0 ~ 1 second

l     Alarms: audible and/or visual alarms for tidal volume, airway pressure, asphyxia, power failure, 

                     oxygen failure and other alarms, also features a alarm query function.

l     Equipped with electronic pressure differential flow sensor, imported respiratory control valve, stable and reliable.

l     Advanced and stable Adjustable Pressure Limiting (APL) valve, suitable for low and ultra low flow anesthesia.

l     Vaporizer: imported tank components assembled; Enflurane, Isoflurane and Sevoflurane (Halothane optional). 

                          Also possesses self-compensating functionality.

l     Concentration range for vaporizer: 0 ~ 5%




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